Free Diagnostics and our Core Values: our 2¢ worth

Free Computer Diagnostics and our Core Values: our 2¢ worth.

We’ve been asked a few times over the years why we don’t offer a free diagnostic service. Some other companies in the area offer it for free, so why not us? There are actually a few reasons and it pretty much boils down to some of our Core Values as a company as well as individuals.

In a way, they are “free” for the vast majority of clients as we wave the diagnostic fee if we repair the issue in the same visit. On the rare occasion when we don’t repair the computer, the fee goes to cover the time we spent doing in-depth testing and research. This is all about honoring our talents and helping us to live our passion and being able to bring it to the world.

“You get what you pay for.”

Also, we guarantee our work, including diagnostics. We aren’t satisfied until we know the actual root of the problem. This way, our clients can have the most accurate information available to help guide their decision. This is about bringing the best of what we have to offer and living in integrity. Additionally, giving the best information possible is also about mutual respect for us, not dumbing down the process to our clients, while also empowering our clients with accurate information.

Now, Being Real – Genuinely & Authentically, this one boils down to practicalities as we’ve seen free diagnostics put other companies out of business. André is only one person (the only tech we currently have), and if all of his time is spent doing no-charge diagnostic services, there’s no time left for services that will actually pay the bills. It’s a little difficult to fix computers without some essentials: space, lights, electricity, …

Earth Conscious

Lastly, we know when we provide these services at this level to you, our beautiful and amazing clients and friends, this helps create connections that allow for us all to make the world a brighter place for today, and hopefully tomorrow. With us being able to provide what we do for years to come allows as part of our mission to be Earth Conscious, helping to make a better world (community, neighborhood, et al) and leaving it better than when we arrived, to be obtained.

Our Core Values listed out

  1. Integrity – It’s more than just honesty.
  2. Living our Passion and bringing it to the world.
  3. Mutual Respect & Showing Gratitude
  4. Being Real: Genuinely & Authentically
  5. Earth Conscious
  6. Empower those around us
  7. Creating Connections
  8. Bringing the best of what we have to offer, and learning more to fit the needs of our community

Also, Thank you…

Thank you

Thank you to one of our amazing clients for bringing up that we should come up with a Core Values and Mission statement. While yes, we know that you said to have 5… we couldn’t narrow it down after the 8. LOL – and we really tried! While we have always lived by these, we’ve never really put them out in such a well-organized format. Also, this allows us to feed those values every day, which as small business owners we can kind of forget to do sometimes. Again, Thank you with much love and light.

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