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So far the “Things to watch out for” list is pretty short

Hopefully you can still watch your movies

Part of the upgrade process is removal of obsolete programs, one of which is Windows Media Center. This means Windows will now require a 3rd party DVD/BD player with region code capability. This isn’t the case for online video content, just those that are disc based. Also, while Windows 10 will still have Windows Media Player, it won’t be able to play DVD’s or Blu-ray Discs that require a country/region code.

Caution with Windows 10Keeping Windows up to date is no longer an option, unless…

Windows 10 Home will now require updates automatically as the update becomes available. While this assists in the security of your device, it can also be problematic as we’ve seen a rise in customers coming in with issues due to a system update. For Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users, there is still an option to defer updates. For h
ome users who don’t want the updates, you can always keep it disconnected from the internet, which is also a great security solution if you don’t want viruses (but you can still get them from rogue USBs), but not very practical in this day.

What about my old programs?

As with any OS (Operating System) upgrade there are some programs that will not make the transfer well, if at all. One concerning businesses are things like older accounting programs, old inventory management systems, or for home users favorite programs like Hearts, Solitaire, and Minesweeper. Windows 8 users already lost much of this, but Windows 7 users might be shocked at the change. For the games, there are “replacements” available in the Windows App Store, though for business software… it might be a lengthy look to find something to upgrade to. Also, [warning] programs that are incompatible will simply be uninstalled. You will want to backup everything as well as check compatibility before upgrading. (PS — we can help with this, see below)

[added 06/09/2015 @ 8:52 PM CST] Windows 10 does still have “Compatibility Mode” like in previous versions of Windows, though from what we’ve seen in Windows 8.x, it’s not all that functional because if it doesn’t run in Windows 8.x, often times you can’t even install it to have it run in Compatibility Mode.

Will history repeat itself?

Historically, new releases of any operating system have been a bit “buggy”. Windows 10 might not be any different, though we have not noticed any major issues with the Technical Preview.

It’s not fully complete…

When Windows 10 releases, Microsoft has stated that over the coming months, or years, that as new “features” become available, they will be rolled out at that time instead of waiting for the next operating system. This does mean that Windows 10 is a more nimble operating system, though could also be problematic later on for many users.


There’s a lot to be excited about, and also some things that give us pause.

We can understand that some will want to jump on the upgrade chance right away, while others will want to hold off for a time. There is always some risk in upgrading right away, so please make an informed decision. In our office, there will be a blend of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (and well, we also have Mac OS as well) as some computers will be upgraded at release for testing the final product while others will be left as is until more extensive testing can be done (and to make sure all of our small business applications still work).

Just remember, there is a year to take advantage of the free upgrade offer, so you don’t need to rush into it. Also, if you need help backing up your data before upgrading, please let us know! Recovering the data is MUCH more expensive after the fact. Lastly, if you need, or just want help, upgrading to Windows 10 or downgrading back to Windows 8.x or 7, we can also help with that. Just so you know, with any of the OS Upgrades WITH Data Transfer we will re-check compatibility before doing an upgrade.

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Bradley Wolfe
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Thanks for sharing info about the upcoming update!

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Thanks for the heads up André Thomas. I haven’t seen anything yet

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