Pop Quiz: You heard a LOUD “Pop” when you turn the computer on…

Computer discs and Popcorn

Pop Quiz: You press a key on the keyboard of your desktop computer, and hear a LOUD pop, and the computer doesn’t come back from sleeping. What’s the most likely reason for this?

A: You had Bubble Wrap under the shift key
B: You’re computer is still tired and you just hit snooze instead of the shift key
C: You just blew your Power Supply
D: Someone hid their stash of fireworks in the CPU and when the computer went to turn on, accidentally set them off.

Answer: Most likely C as you probably blew the power supply. Thankfully, that’s a quick and less expensive fix… as long as nothing else blew because of it. If it would have been bubble wrap under the key, it wouldn’t have been as loud, and probably not fireworks because you didn’t see any pretty colors with it (hopefully).

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