How-to install new Anti-Virus Security Software

How-to Install new Anti-Virus Software

There has been a lot of news lately regarding vulnerabilities, exploits, ransomware, and viruses on computers and mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what operating system (like: Windows 10, MacOS or iOS, Android, or Linux) you are using, what hardware you have (AMD, ARM, or Intel CPU Chips, for example), or even how new it is. You NEED a good up-to-date antivirus, period. We recommend Avast for Windows as it consistently rates very high in real-world tests time after time, combined with it also offering a free version for protection. Avast also makes antivirus for Android and Mac OS, but not for iOS yet. We’ve also been very happy with the results we’ve been seeing with BitDefender.

If you have an antivirus that is expired and don’t want to renew it or what you have is not effective, then you get the daunting task of switching programs. This is also an extremely dangerous prospect as your unprotected computer can get a virus in a matter of minutes just being connected to the internet. Back in 2004, a group found that a newly installed Windows XP machine would only last about 20 minutes being connected to the internet before becoming compromised. This was down from 40-minutes just the previous year, and by 2008 — it took just 4 minutes to become compromised on average.  It’s now 2017, 9-years later, how long do you think it would take today with even faster internet and faster computers being used?


Being prepared is your best first step

Whether you are looking at a paid or free antivirus program, these steps apply. There are some minor variations that can come up, but these are good general rules.Steps to installing a new anti-virus security software

  1. Do Not uninstall the old software yet. Repeat: do NOT uninstall the old anti-virus software yet. When you have chosen your new security solution, download and save the installer. You can often do this from another secure computer if needed.
  2. Disconnect the internet from your computer and then you can uninstall the old software. There are a few programs that actually require a website to initialize the uninstall, but these are rare. Once the uninstall has completed, restart your computer. This helps to ensure that the program is fully uninstalled.
    • Some programs are known for not cleanly uninstalling, these may require a removal tool and another restart before Step 3. A couple common culprits are Norton and McAfee. If this applies in your situation, also have the removal utility downloaded before you uninstall your old program.
  3. Once the restart has completed, run the new installer you downloaded in Step 1. As in Step 2, there are some programs that require an internet connection to install. If this is the case for you, wait until the installer is actually running before you reconnect, and get the installation completed as quickly as possible.
  4. Once the installation has completed, even if the program doesn’t ask for it, restart your computer again. This allows any functions integrated into the operating system to completely initialize.
  5. I can take a little bit of time for a new antivirus program to fully start after its first restart. Once it has fully come up, open the program to check its status, you are now ready to reconnect your internet. Now is also a good time to have your new antivirus check for updates and do a complete scan of your computer if it hasn’t already.

This may seem pretty simplistic, but it is actually a very important process. A smooth transition is preferable to having your computer infected with some of the nasties going around these days.


If you need help…

If you would like a trained professional do this process for you, that is a service we offer. Check out our Application Installs, Upgrades or Downgrades service which is only $25 when you bring it into our office.

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