FastComet SSD Web Hosting

FastComet is our current hosting provider for all of our websites, and we are very impressed with this small-business-affordable option that is amazingly fast and solid.

  • Fast SSD Servers with generous storage amounts
  • Generous amounts of CPU, RAM, etc.
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • Keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies available


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More Details about FastComet SSD

  • Multiple data centers which then can also be combined with CloudFlares CDN:
    • Chicago, IL
    • Dallas, TX
    • London, UK
    • Frankfurt, DE
    • Amsterdam, NL
    • Tokyo, JP
    • Singapore, SG
  • Multi-layers of Caching: Varnish, LiteSpeed LSAPI, Memcached, APC, OPcache, and others
  • HTTP/2, Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, and other options as well
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • You CAN host your own email on your hosting account (our previous 2 hosts, you had to purchase separate packages for that)