Computer Tune-ups (Optimization & Cleaning) Services


Has your computer been running sluggish? This is the option for you!


We do more than just remove “bloatware”. Dust, pet hair, human hair and other lovely things get sucked into your computer. This full tune-up is something every computer needs, and is recommended twice a year, normally during spring and fall when you switch from cooling to heating and vice-versa.

*Note: If issues are caused by a virus, then it will be the Virus Removal service. Also, if the operating system is corrupted, you will be switched to our “System Corruption Repair” or if the disk has become unstable, it may require the Disk Repair Service. If either of those are required, you pay for the higher service fee (we will not double charge you).

  • Optimize the performance of the programs & hardware of your system,
  • Apply system ‘tweaks’ to optimize system performance,
  • Check for latest Service Packs, Critical and Important updates that would help with system performance and safety,
  • Clean dust, hair, etc from inside of the computer,
  • Adjust if needed PCI/AGP, etc internal cards for optimal performance
  • Check amount of system RAM (Memory), and other components and offer suggestions as needed (additional fee for new hardware)
    *does not include any additional hardware (i.e. RAM, etc)
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Virus Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Malware Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Monthly (based on your needs) System Defragmention,
  • Answer any and all questions and give advice on security software solutions.