Network / Router Setup (WiFi, Ethernet, Airport) – Residential – Onsite


Onsite, in-home Networking Setup. Setup of up to 3 devices.
Each additional device is $25. Router/Parts not included.

  • Setup, configure and secure your router,
  • Safeguard your personal information and secure your broadband wireless signal from use by others,
  • Installation and configuration of networking adapter on computers or other devices (PC, laptop, gaming console, network Blu-ray or DVD Player, network-enabled TV, etc)
    • Up to 3 devices included. Each additional device $25.
  • Ensure all firewall and other security measures of router are active,
  • Check and upgrade router firmware if needed,
  • Enable devices to share the internet, files, printers and other media (photos, videos, music, documents, etc)
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) setup,
  • Repair network and internet connectivity if needed,
  • In-Home installation of equipment,
  • Answer any and all questions related to how your network works, how to use it, etc.

Additional information

Normal Turn Around Time

~1 to 2 hours