Network Security Appliance Setup (Residential/Small Business) – Onsite


With the increase of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the home and small business, network security is vital today. There are several options for network security devices available for Home Users and Small Business owners, and the everyday router just won’t cut it any longer. In this 2-part in-depth one-on-one consultation, we will find out what you use in your home/office, the various devices that need to be protected, and the more cost-effective solutions you have available to you, then come back to set up and apply those solutions to better protect your network. This is a per hour service instead of the normal flat-rate due to the complexity and uniqueness of each individual setup.

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Why is having a Network Security Appliance important for the Home User or Small Business owner?

Financial and Private Information is being kept and transmitted more frequently and in more places than ever in today’s world. Small Business owners are working from their homes, taking credit cards, managing their websites, their personal and business finances, and more. They work from coffee shops, from their laptop at one moment, their cell phone the next. Hackers know this, and they realize that it’s only a matter of time to get your data, whether your personal data or your customer/client data. Routers, which often come with a built-in firewall, are antiquated systems as they are often static, non-changing, and rarely updated to guard against the latest security vulnerabilities. Additionally, there are several routers in use today at homes and offices that have known security vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited, and haven’t been updated with patches and/or the manufacturer has stopped supporting the device. This is why a Network Security Appliance is needed that will auto-update with the latest attack vectors.

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  • Do you recommend a specific Network Security Appliance for every home user/small business?
    No. Each home user and business is different. Some might find the most overall benefit from a device like the BitDefender Box or Netgear Armor, while others might find better benefit from a system like the Unifi USG. Additionally, new devices and new threats are coming out consistently, and so we stay up-to-date with the various feasible options for residential and small business owners.
  • But I have a (software) firewall and anti-virus on my computer(s) – isn’t that good?
    Yes, that is beneficial and helps, but hackers have ways around software firewalls and anti-virus software like they do with hardware firewalls. Additionally, your computer isn’t the only attack vector likely in today’s home. Do you have a Home Security System connected to your WiFi? What about your cameras, or your smart fridge? What about a smartphone? Smartphones (Android and iPhones) are one of the biggest attack vectors today that people falsely have a sense of security with – even with anti-virus software installed!
  • Does this guarantee that I won’t be hacked?
    Sadly, no… but it will make it much more difficult for a hacker to get to your stuff. Today it isn’t “Will I be hacked?” it’s more “When will I be hacked, and can I make myself less attractive to the hacker to keep going?” Network Security Appliances do stop most hacking attempts, and greatly slow down others helping to make you less attractive to them.
  • Do I still need to be applying updates to devices and anti-virus on my devices?
    Yes. While some updates are incorporating new features for your device, many of these updates are applying security updates and patches. These are especially beneficial if the hacker gets through the Network Security Appliance and also helps to reduce “Human Judgement Errors”.