New Computer Setup with File Transfer


Got a new computer? Congratulations! Now… to get all the bloatware out that slows your computer down right out of the box, also you need to make sure you have a good solid anti-virus, and all your old files on the new system.

We make it easy to get your new computer up-to-speed with your life, and will answer all your questions along the way.

  • Includes connecting up to 3 Devices (Printer, Camera, Router, etc)
    • additional devices $25/each.
  • Includes transferring up to 50 GBs of data (pictures, documents, music, settings) from the old computer to the new one.
    • Each additional 50 GBs is $30.99/50GBs.
  • We will answer questions like “how to print”, how to get on the internet, setting up email, etc.
  • Includes setup of Anti-Virus Software (we will give you several options that will work for you), Malware protection, all to help keep you and your computers data safe.
  • Remove “Bloat-ware”
  • Apply system ‘tweaks’ to optimize system performance,
  • Update operating system with any unapplied critical and important updates,
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Virus Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Malware Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Check Firewall and Router to ensure basic security settings are active,
  • Schedule Weekly or Monthly (based on your needs) System Defragmention,
  • Answer any and all questions and give advice on security software solutions.