Router Firmware Reflash (Reimage) & Reset


Concerned about your router being compromised by hackers? Need your routers firmware re-flashed and reset to known good firmware? This option is for you!

News reports of routers being compromised:


With this service we:

  • Copy down all of the configuration settings of your router (IP scheme, WiFi Broadcast Name, WiFi Password, and any other settings you likely customized, etc). Note: If we see something unusual, we will let you know.
  • We then download the current, most up-to-date, firmware for your router directly from the manufacturer (known good firmware).
  • We then re-image your router and reconfigure your router to be reconnected into your network. (so you should be able to just plug everything back in as before)
  • We will talk about the various options with your router (like custom DNS from CloudFlare, Google, OpenDNS, etc), parental options that may be available to you within your router (many parental features have an option to be able to filter out known malware sites, hacked sites, etc).

All of this should be able to be done while you wait (maybe an hour of wait time).