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Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Darcie Livingstone – 6/11/2019

Andre Thomas has been my computer tech for over 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and yet clear and patient in his explanations, so even I can understand, and this is often a difficult combination to find in a tech! He has answered my endless questions over the years and[...]
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Pam Beytien – 3/31/2019

My printer stopped scanning and would not print a specific kind of document. My deadline was looming, and Andre saved the day! I felt welcome and I will be a repeat customer. Great work!   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/Tm854gABuic38pZN8
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Cornelia Elsaesser – 3/7/2019

Fast and thorough. Very knowledgeable and friendly.   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/XoeLKw7bdxa4Jbmy5
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Rube Kompelien – 11/18/2018

Andre is Simply the Best !!!! A real pro !!!!   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/UCp9TnwYSRG2
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Rachel Zipper – 10/23/2018

Checked out my computer in a timely fashion and provided updates on progress, which was nice. Gave a good estimate for repairs. Don’t need a car: located near a bus stop Original: https://goo.gl/maps/MQYC9Ho4f5B2
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Len Cushing – 7/16/2018

Repaired my broken laptop. Paid 25 dollars to remove broken plastic piece from fan. They have moved location since the repair. Have not been to new location.   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/jU6aXMxf5K92
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Nick Nelson – 7/10/2018

Pleasant customer service, reasonable pricing and extremely quick turnaround on my repair. The only knock I’d have was that I drove past it the first time, since it is a home business set up. But the garden was charming, so I’ll call it even.   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/83y26E4mHbp
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Kateryna Kent – 6/14/18

I received great service from Psinergy Tech. They are very responsive and eager to answer any questions you might have. I would definitely use this company again.   Original: https://goo.gl/maps/j6ExtEDbNYH2
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Donna Burger – 6/6/18

[5-star rating]   Original: https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/103168083401098183496/place/ChIJD4THqr8qs1IRm9KXFbQYd6Q/@44.938453,-93.1820888,12z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s103168083401098183496!3m1!1e1
Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

Deb Francisco-Ferrell – 5/28/18

[5-star rating]   Original: https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/108978491883539120446/place/ChIJD4THqr8qs1IRm9KXFbQYd6Q/@44.938453,-93.112051,17z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s108978491883539120446!3m1!1e1

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