Mac Repair

Gayle Grundtner – 1/7/2015

I’ve used Psinergy TechWarrior for several years now and they have worked on both our Mac and Windows systems. Can’t say enough about the attention to detail and excellent service both Jo and Andre provide. Their technical knowledge is awesome and they explain things as they are going through the[...]

Mi Co – 10/18/2015

Psi brought my six-year-old student Macbook into the present. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and told me what needed to be done at every step along the way. (Original: https://plus.google.com/104651362801476491702/reviews?_ga=1.92125848.383459674.1443455202)

Kirby Beck – 10/9/2015

I brought my older Apple iMac in because I had an issue with a white screen and a Circle/Slash at reboot. The Geniuses at the Apple store had worked on it twice and I had things wiped clean and I reinstalled from my Time Machine. The last one worked about[...]

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