Cynthea Gillespie – 8/22/2016

Psinergy TechnWarrior is the ONLY, repeat ONLY, computer shop I will take my laptop to. Andre is so gracious, such a clear communicator, so kind, and so fair – not to mention being an absolute wizard with computers, that I don’t give a 2nd thought to driving halfway across town to take my electronics to him. I’ve tried going to other people that advertise themselves as computer experts, but for me Andre from Psinergy TechWarrior is the only computer geek I will trust my valuable information to. I first went to PTH a year and a half ago when I needed a laptop repaired, which though older, I still needed to get another year out of it. Andrea fixed it, replaced the motherboard so I could get another year out of it for a very reasonable price. Just recently he recovered a whole hard drive for me and transferred all the data to my new laptop – again for a a very reasonable price. Andre is my Go To Guy for all things related to computers.

(Original: https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/113251836919606958720/place/ChIJD4THqr8qs1IRm9KXFbQYd6Q/@44.9840885,-93.17102,15z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s113251836919606958720!3m1!1e1)

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