Magd Abu Ghazala – 9/28/2015

Poor communication. Had to wait 10 days for a stupid driver issue that i could have fixed at home. Never told us what the price is even though we called everyday and in the end wants 150 dollars. Very bad service and rude employees and manager/owner. Never go there..AVOID (Original: https://plus.google.com/117322374296306530034/reviews?_ga=1.144020151.383459674.1443455202)

Our Response:

Magd, I’m sorry your friend (our customer, which was not you) was not happy with having to pay for the repair, even after authorizing us to complete the repair, and before you say that he didn’t authorize the repair (which you weren’t on the phone for)… if he hadn’t he would not have asked if we guaranteed the repair. Additionally, the “stupid” driver issue… you and Jaber had already attempted to fix (with upgrades and downgrades to the OS), and were not able to because it had corrupted things beyond your understanding or comprehension – which is a common mistake of someone just starting out in computers and doesn’t have the decades of experience that we offer, and hence why he brought it to us and asked us to fix it. Lastly, I’m sorry you had to wait for me when you got here, though originally Jaber said HE would be here at 3:30 PM, and you and he didn’t show up until 5:30 PM. If he would have told André 5:30, André would have advised him that I would not have been available at that time.

While I do understand that sometimes miscommunications do happen, I was trying to find out from Jaber his side of the story, but before I could… you were already jumping down my throat and saying disparaging things about our company. Seriously, not cool dude. Before even hearing Jaber’s side of the story, I was already prepared to just charge him the diagnostic for a simple misunderstanding… or even if it would have just been that he was a college student struggling to make ends meet while working and going to school… but YOU never allowed for that to play out, instead… you wanted to fight. Oh, and sorry that you were late for where ever you were going… though, if you wouldn’t have been butting in stirring the pot, you and Jaber would have been in and out of here within maybe 5 minutes after I started talking to both of you. Don’t believe me? Well, there is this really handy law firm right across the hall from us that specializes in debt collection. If you think back, I never once threatened to hold onto your computer until full payment was received and utilize their services if needed.

So, instead of getting a really good deal on the computer repair, and having the ability to come back for future services if ever needed… you and Jaber at not welcome here, or until you apologize to myself and staff of course.


3 thoughts on “Magd Abu Ghazala – 9/28/2015

Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul
Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul says:

Yes… we even share the “bad” reviews…

Cameron Parkhurst
Cameron Parkhurst says:

This review is not indicative of the service I have received from Psinergy. The service I have received has always been helpful, timely, and the cost is clearly communicated. Seriously folks, give these guys a call if your computer is under the weather.

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