Travis Rademacher – 11/26/2017

Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

My PC computer unexpectedly wouldn’t turn off when I held the power button and I couldn’t get any signal from my monitors. I work Mon-Sat, so when I made contact over the phone on Sunday, I was thrilled to find out they were actually open. I am a freelance videographer, so my computer is very important to my workflow. André listened intently to my computer issues over the phone, and said I could come in for a $25 diagnosis. The fee would be waived if any actual repairs needed to be done, and I would have to consent to them beforehand. It was a very relaxing environment that I felt I could trust. A little over a day later he called me and said that my computer just needed a forced power reset, and so he only charged me the diagnostic fee. He showed me how to do it myself if the problem ever happened again. Super helpful. The only place I will refer my friends or family to in the future. Thanks guys!

Original: https://goo.gl/maps/9FXb4cqSa7v

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