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Our Philosophy: \"Just like the human being, computers need things like wellness checks (tune-ups), a strong immune system (up-to-date anti-virus software), and de-stressing routines (defragging). When things go awry, you want someone who specializes in bringing it back to optimal health.\"

Our Top Windows PC Repair Services & Tools...

PC Virus Removal & Repair

Is your computer a little buggy? Our PC Virus Removal & Repair service is top-of-the-line. We check for malware (viruses), spyware as well as rootkits (another type of virus - but embedded in a different area of the system not always checked). Additionally and unlike other companies, we take it a step further, and repair the damage caused by the viruses instead of just "turning off" the virus(es).

Virus Removal

Computer Tune-ups

(PC Optimization & Cleaning service)

We do more than just remove "bloatware". Dust, pet hair, human hair and other lovely things get sucked into your computer. This full tune-up is something every computer needs. We also do check for viruses and malware with this service.

Computer Tune-ups

Router Firmware Reflash (Reimage) & Reset

Concerned about your router being compromised by hackers? Need your routers firmware re-flashed and reset to known good firmware? This option is for you!

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Corruption Repair

(System Corruption Repair)

‘Blue Screen of Death’, System not Booting, Driver Issues, System Corruption, lots of error messages? Let us get you back up and running!

OS Corruption Repair

PC Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop battery not charging when you plug it in? Or maybe you ran over it with a car and broke the screen or motherboard. We can help!

Laptop DC Jack Repair

Recommended Programs & Self-Help Repair Tools

Need a good anti-virus software? Looking for a good web host, or automated data and file backup in the cloud? Check out our Recommended Programs, Software, Self-Help Repair Tools, and Providers here...

Laptop DC Jack Repair

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Computer issues often are more than just a virus and they don't discriminate. We work on Windows PC's of all shape, sizes and ages from Laptops to Desktops and everything in-between. (including hardware issues!)

Not sure what you need? That's OK! Our diagnostic service is only $49 and is waived if you decide to get the fix done with us in the same visit.

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What our Clients have to say about their computer repairs:

Computer Repair you can TrustWondering if you can trust us with your computer?

That's a very good concern to have and you shouldn't give your computer to just anyone, it needs to be someone you can trust. We want to build that trust with you. Check out the awards we have won, as well as reviews from clients (you can verify most of them on other sites).

Free Computer Diagnostics and our Core Values: our 2¢ worth.

We’ve been asked a few times over the years why we don’t offer a free diagnostic service. Many other companies in the area offer it for free, so why not us? There are actually a few reasons and it pretty much boils down to some of our Core Values as a company as well as individuals.

In a way, they are “free” for the vast majority of clients as we wave the diagnostic fee if we repair the issue in the same visit. On the rare occasion when we don’t repair the computer, the fee goes to cover the time we spent doing in-depth testing and research. This is all about honoring our talents and helping us to live our passion and being able to bring it to the world.

“You get what you pay for.”

Also, we guarantee our work, including diagnostics. We aren’t satisfied until we know the actual root of the problem. This way, our clients can have the most accurate information available to help guide their decision. This is about bringing the best of what we have to offer and living in integrity. Additionally, giving the best information possible is also about mutual respect for us, not dumbing down the process to our clients, while also empowering our clients with accurate information.

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