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    The Mission of Mundahl Law, PLLC.

    In the soul of every person is the striving to find connection in this life. To some it is a connection to another person, children, other family and friends. To others it is a connection to a course of action or experience. For all of us here on earth this means interacting with others. When trouble arises and we find ourselves in legal actions affecting our relations with our spouse, our children, or the law, it is the Mission of Mundahl Law, PLLC, to assist the individual to a satisfactory, practical, reasonable and life-affirming resolution.


    • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Divorce Without Children
    • Divorce for Small Business Owners
    • High-Asset Divorce
    • Child Custody
    • Child & Spousal Support
    • Paternity
    • Step-Parent Adoptions
    • LGBT Families
    • Appellate Law
    • Estate Planning
    • Probate Law
    • Mediation
    • Limited Scope Representation

    Website: https://www.mundahllaw.com/



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