Disk Repair & Defrag – Bring-to-Us


  • Check hard drive for errors indicating possible hard drive failures,
  • Repair corrupted files and file paths,
  • Defragment or ‘re-file / re-organize’ information to streamline the computer’s operation reducing seek the amount of time,
  • *At times, viruses can damage the disk structure, and this service is then required to fix the problem, and in that case, it would be a Disk Repair charge PLUS a Virus Removal charge (because that takes MUCH longer).

*Note: If the operating system file system/structure has become corrupted due to the virus, the service is then considered a “System Corruption Repair” or if the disk has become unstable, it may require the Disk Repair Service. If either of those are required, you pay for the higher service fee (we will not double charge you).

Additional information

Normal Turn Around Time

~7 days