Fall Tech Cleanup Special

Fall Tech Cleanup Special
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25% off any Tech Service!

Now till Sept. 30, 2011!

Discount Code: “FALL2011”

Happy Fall Everyone! Soon, the weather will start getting cooler, leaves will begin to fall, and you will want to start using your computer more and more to stay in contact with friends and family, so this would be a GREAT time to get our System Optimization & Cleanup!

This service offers:

  • Optimize the performance of the programs & hardware of your system,
  • Apply system ‘tweaks’ to optimize system performance,
  • Check for latest Service Packs, Critical and Important updates that would help with system performance and safety,
  • Clean dust, hair, etc from inside of the computer,
  • Adjust if needed PCI/AGP, etc internal cards for optimal performance
  • Check amount of system RAM (Memory), and other components and offer suggestions as needed (additional fee for new hardware)
    • *does not include any additional hardware (i.e. RAM, etc)
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Virus Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Daily Malware Scanning (based on your needs),
  • Schedule Weekly or Monthly (based on your needs) System Defragmention,
  • Answer any and all questions and give advice on security software solutions.

Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Avast is one of the top rated Anti-Virus tools on the market! It has a very small code base (meaning it runs much faster than most other virus scanners on the market — helping to NOT bog-down your system). We HIGHLY recommend this virus scanner, and the virus scanner that we use in our own home and offices. (we might try other virus scanners to test them, though, we have found every time that we prefer this one).
Fall Tech Cleanup Special

Scheduling Online

We try making things as easily as possible for all of our customers… from flexible hours (we’re open 10 AM to Midnight, 7 days a week), to being able to schedule an appointment by phone or right on the internet from your smartphone or computer. To schedule an appointment, either go to our website or call (612) 234-7237.

Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Fall Tech Cleanup Special
If during an online scan of your computer for viruses, malware, spyware, etc… always have a person that specializes in Virus Removal. Viruses often times will stay hidden within your system, even after you remove them. Our techs have specific deep tools to remove many of these hidden viruses.

Gentle Reminder… the longer you wait to remove a virus… the more serious the damage will be (loss of data, or the system needed a full backup and reinstall of critical system drivers and files).

Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Fall Tech Cleanup Special
André Thomas
Lead PC/Windows Repair Specialists, A+ Certified

20+ Years of experience in the PC Repair industry!

Specializes in:
• Virus Removal
• Hardware Issues
• System Corruption
• Home network/wifi setup
• Windows/DOS
• Data & password recovery
• LCD and DC/Power Jack Replacements on Laptops

Fall Tech Cleanup Special
Jo Rathbun
Lead Mac & iPad/iPod Specialists

Specializes in:
• Mac Hardware Issues
• Mac System Corruption
• Mac System Response Issues
• Home network/airport setup

More about Jo
Jo enjoys the puzzles and challenges that the technical world offers. Multifaceted in her approach, she graduated college with a Design and Technical Theatre degree where she pushed the department into a new era of computer based lighting and design. Having been a tutor as well as tester of new software Jo pushed her hardware knowledge more while working for another local computer repair company. While Jo’s knowledge is more heavily based in the world of Apple, Windows based PC’s are not unknown to her. When not being the geek, Jo spends time with her family, crafting, or outside behin

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