Facebook Fan Pages getting Timeline (a quick review)

So, on March 30th the new style of Facebook, the Facebook Timeline is coming to Professional & Business pages across Facebook.

Now, as a business owner that manages a few Fan Pages, I personally have to say that this is a good thing. It will help to make all the pages look similar, also the cover photo will be a huge asset for business pages, specially local, small business, as it will help to highlight something about that business.

What’s the downside?

Well, I’m curious how the custom tabs will show up? What about all the customization that I have done to the various professional & business pages that I have setup for not just my company, but other companies I work with? You will want to go here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/status/ and do a “Turn-On Preview” and check it out. You can also adopt the new look early if you would like.

Your custom tabs will be in the boxes towards the top, in the row that shows Photos, Events, etc… and you can change the position of ALL of them. This is nice (though, personally, I would love to be able to change the icon for those.

“Well, even if you hate it or love it… it is changing for sure on March 30th… and seeing that FB Fan Pages are a great marketing tool… you gotta roll with it. Honestly, take all the energy that you would use to complain about the change, and instead put that into making a really awesome Fan Page…” ~SchaOn

Good luck!

Update 2/29 @ 10:49 AM CST: It does seem you can change (at least some of them), the icons for the custom apps 🙂

Update 2/29 @ 2:43 PM CST: I’ve changed over many of the FB Fan Pages that I manage already! The customers for each page seem to be responding very well to it 🙂 Here are some of the pages:

Additional Notes on Changes:
  • FB Fan Cover Photo Dimensions: 850px wide by 315px high
  • Your Fan Page Profile Photo: Make sure this is square. (i.e. 200×200 or 75×75, etc)
Things I am not liking about the new page:
  • Admin Notifications — You cannot just clear them any longer simply by clicking the drop down for the notification. Instead now, you have to click “See all” or actually click on the Notification to clear it. That’s a pain. 🙁
  • It’s NOT quick and easy to switch to “Use FB as Page”. Now you have to go “Admin Panel > Manage > Use FB as Page”

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