avast! Anti-Virus detects *New* Microsoft IE Zero-Day Attack

avast! Antivirus is able to detect the *New* Microsoft IE Zero-Day Attack. Here is an excerpt from their blog:

It was brought to our attention by this thorough Eric Romang article that a new zero-day exploit (an exploit actively used by cybercriminals in the wild) targets a bug in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 7 & 8, and with some help from Java, it could be also exploited on IE 9, as confirmed by the Metasploit firm. At this time, as there is yet no patch from Microsoft, what can you do?
Microsoft released a security advisory and a blog post promising a quick fix in a few days, and suggesting that IE users download and install EMET. While we’re not particularly fond of some ‘security’ recommendations like removing Java or turning off Flash, this one has some merit. Really, if you can, do the switch, because you can only gain. Firefox and Chrome are more modern and much safer browsers for everyday browsing. There are more voices advocating this change – for example, Google announced they’ll drop IE 8 compatibility soon, and a German cybersecurity agency also recommends that users switch to something safer…

Read the full article here:  https://blog.avast.com/2012/09/19/new-msie-0day-attack/

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