Review: IE10 for Windows 7 Pre-Release

Review: IE10 for Windows 7 Pre-Release

The other day I decided to try out the new Pre-Release of Internet Explorer (IE) 10. At first… it seemed a LOT better… loading pages faster (almost as fast, if not as fast as Chrome), none of those annoying error message saying that the webpage crashed (even when it hadn’t) on the first day.

Things seemed to be looking up for IE, and I was really excited to be able to start using this browser with less headaches… well, until today.

Here is just one example:

Review: IE10 for Windows 7 Pre-Release

In this photo, we see that even though this page is scrolled ALL the way to the top, IE still cuts off the top of the page. Yes, I know… this is a Pre-Release version of IE10 for Windows 7… though, it’s already in full release for Windows 8, and personally, I don’t think it should be this buggy by just bringing it to another OS.

So, how do you fix this? I noticed if you close the browser, and reopen it… it seems to work fine. This issue only happens some of the time. Odd eh? From what I could tell, refreshing the page didn’t fix it… nor could I figure out how to replicate the issue.

Also, for a brief bit today, I was getting those annoying “The Webpage has crashed… blah blah blah” error messages… until I closed and reopened, and haven’t got them back since.

Beyond that… I’m liking IE 10, and it IS by far a huge improvement to IE9.

Wanna try IE10 out forWindows 7, Get the Windows 7 Pre-Release of IE10 now.

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