Don’t be easily Fooled by these Viruses

Generic Android 5.1 is infected with a malicious virus.

This last holiday season (November and December) it seemed that we saw less viruses than normal, though it seems that advertisements containing viruses are on the rise.

Here are some examples of malware and potential viruses in advertisements, or seemingly helpful system notices.

We received these pop-ups on our mobile device after clicking a link shared by a friend on Facebook via a link from “Social App”. We’re assuming that their site was infected with some malware (probably from a plugin, or something seemingly helpful) because when we went back this morning to do more research, we were no longer receiving the popups.

Help Advisory: Don’t ever click to install these apps (unless you want to run the risk of infecting your device). To close these browser windows, for example in Chrome on an Android device, just press the Tab number at the top (you can see it as the #3 in the screen shots), and then you can close it. With the “The page at www.xxxxxxx.xxx says” dialog, you will have to click OK on that though – but pay close attention to what you are clicking on and if it has an X in the upper right hand corner, click that instead, normally. Otherwise, just power-off your device and then turn it back on, or end the task.


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