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Tech Glossary – What is Adware?

  Tech Glossary What is Adware? Adware is software that generates advertisements on your computer. Not all adware is malicious, it can be used in shareware/freeware to generate profit for the programmer rather than charging a price for the license. To repair this, we would use our standard Virus, Malware, and[...]

Tech Tip #10 – Uninstall Unneeded Programs

  Tech Tip #10 – Uninstall Unneeded Programs Uninstall out-of-date programs or ones you no longer use. This helps to free up space, as well as can help decrease boot time by unregistering unneeded drivers/dll’s, etc, from loading during startup. ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please[...]

Tech Tip #5 – Cleaning

  Tech Tip #5 – Cleaning Make sure your computer is free of dust buildup and has proper airflow (DO NOT VACUUM!) ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please call us at 612-234-7237. Phone support Quick Tip Fixes/Help is $19.95 per issue.

Tech Tip #19 – Disk Cleanup

Tech Tip #19 – Disk Cleanup/CCleaner Deleting Temporary Files can open up a good amount of space and increase performance. ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please call us at 612-234-7237. Phone support Quick Tip Fixes/Help is $19.95 per issue.

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