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Wondering if you can trust us with your computer?

That's a very good concern to have and you shouldn't give your computer to just anyone, it needs to be someone you can trust. We want to build that trust with you. Check out the awards we have won, as well as reviews from clients with many listed below (you can verify most of them on other sites with the link listed right in the review).

Client Reviews for Psinergy Tech

We value all of our clients and we always strive to give 5-star services to everyone we do business with - so if you feel you would not be able to recommend us to a friend, colleague, family member, or able to give us a 5-star rating for one reason or another, please let us know how we can improve our services (and remember... we will fix it till we get it right!).

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Barry Hollins – 5/1/2011

Thanks Andre’ for taking the time and being so thorough in your assessment of my computer.
But even more important was curing a very sick desktop. It seems as though my computer is acting like a six year old rather than preparing for retirement.
Sincerely, Barry Hollins


Rania Samaha – 4/10/2011

Thank you PsiTech for being so detailed, efficient and professional!


Patrick M. Sheehy – 3/22/2011


Jill Myers Kyvig – 3/21/2011


Joshua Tropp – 3/15/2011

Its soooo true, Andre is incredible! By far the best tech I’ve ever had! Thanks Shaon, tell Andre hi for me and if he still has that keyboard I’m still interested 🙂

Originally posted: https://www.facebook.com/SchaOn/posts/110576372354998


Jeffery Brooks – 3/14/2011

The service is what is needed in a time of questions.

Originally posted: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150118595277512&id=1058234722


Nicole Evenson – 3/14/2011

Just had a tech out to replace my laptop screen and I am VERY impressed 🙂 Thanks for the great service I will DEFINATELY be spreading the word about you! Thanks guys!!

Originally posted: http://www.facebook.com/mysticalmuzik/posts/10150118423552512 and https://www.facebook.com/mysticalmuzik/posts/10150118421602512


Paula Quinlan – 3/13/2011

IF you are in need of computer repair or virus removal assistance, You have got to call Andre at psiTech Services. Absolutely thee best in home service! Twice I have enjoyed and appreciated the prompt and efficient service Andre provides. Call now to schedule spring cleaning for your computer! She’ll appreciate you!

Originally posted: https://www.facebook.com/quinlanpaula/posts/10150117679497512


Sarah Burrill – 2/11/2011

This is an amazing, customer service oriented company! They completely saved my laptop from multiple virus attacks, and worked crazy, inconvenient (to them!) hours to save my Dell! I recommend Andre, who also played with my annoying terrier, and withstood a barrage of tech questions from curious teens!

Originally posted: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150096274752512&id=1319456811


John Munkelwitz – 1/27/2011

Problems always fixed, great rates, freindly home service and excellent communciations. If you use the Geek Squad, drop them ASAP and try this professional crew for home or business needs!


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Amy Welty
Amy Welty says:

I second Will’s Assessment, I see the improvement in our computer, and to add to the positivity, the improvement has kept… great work!

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