Alex Treitler – 3/6/2016

Each time I enter Psienergy I can feel my pulse slow, my thoughts clear, and a sense of equanimity settle over me. Whether it’s the Feng Shui of the space, the reflective particles in the paint, the soft music, filtered water, etc., etc. I know not. In any case it is a brilliant concept to have healing and computer repair available in the same space.Of course, another reason for the calm is that I know whatever my computer/tech problem, I can put my worries aside. Andre and staff do a great job diagnosing problems, providing simple explanations to the tech-challenged among us, describing a transparent process from estimate to repair and offering the most reliable and inexpensive service possible. I have recommended Psienergy to all family, friends and acquaintances–and to you reading this, whomever you may be, I recommend it as well.

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4 thoughts on “Alex Treitler – 3/6/2016

Lisa Bartel
Lisa Bartel says:

You guys are so Amazing! A client contacted Geek Squad and a rep came out to her house 3x’s and created more issues than she started with. Don’t use a second rate company when u can have the Best at Psinergy TechWarrior!!! The customer service and knowledge with save you many headaches!

Lisa Bartel
Lisa Bartel says:

I referred my client to you!

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