Review: Kathleen Balaban - 11/18/2017,

Kathleen Balaban – 11/18/2017

Google Places - Local Computer Repair Review

I have been a client of Psinergy TechWarrior for more than 7 years. Andre`, my tech, came to my home on multiple occasions when my business PC had a virus or I needed upgrading. His knowledge is extensive and has more patience than I do. I just keep hitting buttons and he gently reminds me that it takes time to download and upload information. Andre` even went shopping for new equipment with me to make sure that I was totally satisfied. I trust him completely and give him full access to my PC remotely. Their pricing is very reasonable and they guarantee their work. I recommend Psinergy TechWarrior to all my friends and family when they have computer problems. Thank you Andre` for all that you do for me and my computer!


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