Kirby Beck – 10/9/2015

I brought my older Apple iMac in because I had an issue with a white screen and a Circle/Slash at reboot. The Geniuses at the Apple store had worked on it twice and I had things wiped clean and I reinstalled from my Time Machine. The last one worked about a month before the same thing happened. Apple told me that I probably needed a new hard drive, and that my machine was too old for them to do anything with. I brought my machine to Psinergy and between Andre and their Apple tech Jo I learned that it didn’t need a new hard drive, just some defragmentation and clean up. That done, things seem to be back on track. No new hardware, no reinstallation. I’m a happy camper. (Original: https://www.facebook.com/kirby.beck.3/activity/1632647590329635)

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