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Tech Tip #10 – Uninstall Unneeded Programs

  Tech Tip #10 – Uninstall Unneeded Programs Uninstall out-of-date programs or ones you no longer use. This helps to free up space, as well as can help decrease boot time by unregistering unneeded drivers/dll’s, etc, from loading during startup. ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please[...]

Reviews are important for every Small Business

Reviews are important for every Small Business In the day of the internet, online customer reviews are more important than ever, especially for Small and Local Businesses like ourselves. These reviews help to tell future potential customers or clients about your positive, or negative, experience with a business, as well[...]

Tech Tip #5 – Cleaning

  Tech Tip #5 – Cleaning Make sure your computer is free of dust buildup and has proper airflow (DO NOT VACUUM!) ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please call us at 612-234-7237. Phone support Quick Tip Fixes/Help is $19.95 per issue.

Tech Tip #19 – Disk Cleanup

Tech Tip #19 – Disk Cleanup/CCleaner Deleting Temporary Files can open up a good amount of space and increase performance. ——————- For assistance with this or any other Tech Tip, please call us at 612-234-7237. Phone support Quick Tip Fixes/Help is $19.95 per issue.

10% off Computer Repairs till 3/31/2012

10% off Computer Repairs! Are you “allergic” to your computer? Dust bunnies running rampent inside? Programs opening or closing unexpectedly or is it suffering from something like “Chronic Fatigue”? Try out Psinergy TechWarrior St. Paul’s Computer Tune-up and Cleaning — and get 10% off when you have your service completed[...]

An iPod problem with a simple fix

  I received a call recently with a customer having problems with their iPod. No matter what song he chose, it would only play part way through. I decided to do some research on this issue and it turns out a lot of people have mentioned this. There have been[...]

How to choose a tech

“Hey, my buddy works on computers, you should give him a call.” In this day and age, almost everyone knows someone that works on computers.  The big question is how you can find a qualified tech that will not only fix your computer problems, but will also provide superior customer service along with fair[...]

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