Reviews are important for every Small Business

Reviews are important for every Small Business

Reviews are important for every Small Business

In the day of the internet, online customer reviews are more important
than ever, especially for Small and Local Businesses like ourselves.
These reviews help to tell future potential customers or clients about
your positive, or negative, experience with a business, as well as why a
person should, or should not, spend their hard earned money with that
local business.

These reviews do more for a small business than what
they would do with a big retailer, as this is one of the new ways of
doing “Word of Mouth” advertising, which is invaluable for a small
business. Large retailers instead are able to do very expensive
commercials, social media campaigns, etc to generate a ‘word of mouth’
buzz that implies they are a worthwhile company to spend your money
with. Often times, people do not check reviews of a large retailer
before making a purchase or utilizing a service with them because of
this. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be going there.

Using online reviews can be tricky at times. If you
look at a small business’s website, they will often have reviews from
their customers listed on there… though, usually with no way of
actually verifying that those reviews are in fact from customers that
have used their services. It is very important to also check 3rd party
review sites like Google Places, YellowBot, Thumbtack, Yahoo! Local
or even their Facebook Fan Page. The most valuable of all these review
sites we think is the Google Places. Why? Because it quickly shows up in
the Google search results for new potential customers or clients for
that business to see.

Please take a moment to review some of your favorite businesses online.
Supporting local and small businesses is a great way to help keep a
local community strong, even a large local community like the Twin
Cities metro area.

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